"Thank you so much for the full family involvement.  It was an amazing camp!!!" - Jen Leo

"You all were amazing!" - Renee Giliam

"The hands on approach was great!  Panther was never bored and she felt the pace was great.  It was a fantastic class!!!" - Jorge Espinoza

"Good time frame, good location-the family support is awesome.  Thanks for the great communication!"                  - Sarah Benson

"Great workshop!  Loved Tyler's excitement for photography, it's a new hobby for him!  Great job!" - Jeff Chapman

"Adam completely engaged our son all week long!  Cayden had the best time. He came home every day so excited about what he'd learned. He declared your photography camp as the best summer camp ever!"                  - Kelly Taylor

"We loved how excited and inspired Josie was to practice and take new photos!" - Frances Girling

“Was put on perfectly!” - Shirley & John Slee


"What I like most about this workshop was being able to learn all of these techniques!" - Cayden T. 3rd Grade

"I like how I was taught to take a proper picture!" - Josie G. 4th Grade

"I liked everything about the class, especially light painting!" - Panther E. 7th Grade

“The part I liked the most was how we could choose what we take a photo of.” - Iva W. 7th Grade

“I liked how we went outside and all the nature was great.” - Chloe S. 6th Grade